Being your industry’s best-kept secret won’t get you promoted.

If only it was as easy as being the hardest worker in the room.
If only your effort could speak for itself.
If only experience alone mattered. 

The inconvenient truth is that you’re not getting promoted on your hard work alone.

People get promoted because they’re seen as leaders in their field. They have influence. And they have credibility. 

The keyword: seen. It pays to be visible — literally. 

Your career progression rides on your reputation. It’s not just about the clothes you wear. Or the work you do. It’s the way people perceive you. And it’s in your control.

The good news is that you get to influence how people perceive you. You get to position yourself as the authority in your industry. You get to elevate your credibility. You get to differentiate yourself from every other General Manager, Head of, C-suite or Executive.

You get to advance your career, so when you say pay rise, they say how high.

“The process and structure that Sarah has created and facilitates is really clear, incisive and action inducing. It does get you to think differently when it comes to your profile and how you can really step out to develop this into tangible results.”

– Arvind Vasudevan, National Director.

Get recognised. Get promoted. Get a pay rise.

Your problem isn’t your lack of expertise. You’re an expert at what you do. You don’t need more training. It’s your lack of personal branding.

The only way to break through to the next level is with a powerful personal brand. 

Personal branding isn’t about sleazily selling yourself all over the shop. 

Personal branding is answering this question:

What do I want to be known for?

And strategically claiming that space with key stakeholders. 

Building a personal brand happens when Marketing Managers become influential storytellers that captivate the attention of key stakeholders.

Heads of HR speak the right language during strategic business meetings and get buy-in from the CEO.

And the General Manager of Sales becomes undeniable as they lend their expert opinions to senior leadership meetings.

If you’re not visible, you’re invisible.

The bottom line: being invisible is a career killer. 

Not anymore.

“All her advice and shared frameworks have had material impact on my life and career decisions to date.”

– Julia Nguyen, HR Executive.

Welcome to The Influence Accelerator.

A 12-week group coaching program to build your powerful personal brand and get your career in the fast lane.

If you want to break out from your work rut and reach your full potential in your career… 

If you want to finally get the recognition you know you deserve for all the hard work you do and the value you bring…

If you want to never miss another promotion, get headhunted, and reach the next level of your career…

It all starts with your personal branding.

Personal branding isn’t about randomly reposting articles on LinkedIn. It’s about strategically reaching the right people at the right time.

Hi, I’m Sarah.

And I’m here to tell you that generic career advice won’t get you higher than the middle in the corporate world.

To get to the narrow end of the organisation chart, you need someone who knows what it takes to succeed and has been doing so for decades. Lucky for you, that person is me.

For 20 years, I helped corporate leaders in ASX listed companies build their profiles and minimise reputational risk.  While what I did was labelled as corporate affairs, it was soon recognised that the way we marketed them resonated everywhere from staff meetings to board meetings to press conferences, giving them more influence, impact, and income. 

The Influence Accelerator is rooted in the same techniques and tools used by CEOs and politicians to develop their reputations as leaders of their industry. 

Three little known secrets about personal branding

Personal branding isn’t set and forget. 

The truth is, personal branding doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen with one article. It doesn’t happen in one meeting.

Personal branding is built over time. The more time you spend building your brand, the more people will start to see you as a credible leader, and someone worth paying attention to. 

Personal branding protects your financial future

Future-proof your career and your finances by knowing you have the power to secure promotions and pay rise. 

I see people who haven’t built the profile or the personal brand become at risk of sliding backwards in the career. 

Maintain your career trajectory with a powerful personal brand. 

Personal branding is secretly part of your job description. It’s just that no one told you.

Not only does your personal branding set you up to successfully land that next promotion, but it also helps you get the current job done.

Influence the key decision-makers, get buy-in from your team and bring people along for the journey as you deliver on your next project.

The Influence Accelerator.

The Influence Accelerator will help you articulate your value and demonstrate your expertise as you build a powerful personal brand. Did someone say elevator straight to the top?

The Influence Accelerator will develop your online presence using LinkedIn, increasing your professional value and influence. Be seen as the expert in your industry without the sleazy self-promotion.

The Influence Accelerator will take your hand with live coaching sessions and help you show up, even when the fear of being judged is hijacking your best intentions. This is a safe space. 

More influence. More impact. More income.

When you build a strong personal brand, here’s what happens…

Your career trajectory is only going one way and that’s up. You’ll never be at risk of sliding backwards or being overtaken.

You’ll make the right moves, in the right organisation, speaking to the right people.

And the result? A one-way ticket straight to the top. 

Here’s how it works: 

My signature 3 step framework

6 key modules delivered over 12 weeks covering the key areas of personal branding with practical and targeted activities.

12 month accss to the Membership Portal

12-month access to the Career Accelerator online portal giving you 24/7 access to fit into your busy schedule

Expert speakers & training

7 LIVE group coaching calls with Sarah to answer any pressing questions, troubleshoot issues, and get feedback on your progress.

Private Slack group

Private Slack group to build your network, post questions, celebrate wins, and access support and direction between sessions.

7 LIVE group coaching calls with Sarah

Expert speakers to take your training deeper and help you reach your goals sooner.

LinkedIn LIVE Training

LinkedIn Live Training to finally start attracting your ideal opportunities by understanding and maximising the potential of LinkedIn.


This hub is designed to help you when you start to attract opportunities – which you will.

It includes everything from my proven resume template to the best preparation techniques to help you excel in interviews. And when you get a new role, you’ll find the strategies and templates you need to ensure you make the right connections with key stakeholders to continue your career trajectory straight to the top. 

Here’s What We’ll Cover In Each Module: 

Having a clear goal is critical to feeling energised about your career and your future. In this module, we’ll uncover your true characteristics and how you’re currently being perceived so we can start to position you correctly for the opportunities and networks you want to attract.

What you’ll learn:

  • Identify and crystallise your goals.
  • Work through two simple assessments to identify key character traits.
  • Look at who you are and how others perceive you.
  • Delve into your personal and professional journey to identify your key experiences, stories and recurring themes.

Knowing how to succinctly articulate what you do and the value you bring builds confidence and makes it easier for the right people to connect with you. In this module, we’ll develop your key areas of focus for your online communications so you can demonstrate your expertise and position yourself as an expert in your field.

What you’ll learn:

  • Create your Unique Value Proposition/Brand Statement – also known as your ‘pitch’.
  • Develop your LinkedIn Profile Page so that people can find you and connect with you.
  • Identify what you want to be known for.

Understanding your target audience and stakeholders helps you to create content that’ll resonate with your audience. In this module, we’ll assess your personal brand against your competition to identify any gaps and ensure that you are differentiating yourself effectively.

What you’ll learn:

  • Undertake stakeholder assessment.
  • Undertake your personal brand audit.
  • Learn powerful ways to share your story online and in person.
  • Learn how to identify the right opportunities to build your visibility.

In order for people to want to work with you, they need to know you, like you, and trust you. The more times you show up with valuable insights and news in places where they spend time (such as LinkedIn), the more they feel they know you and want to connect. In this module, we’ll create a Visibility Communications Plan to focus your energy in all the right places.

What you’ll learn:

  • Create your communications plan.
  • Identify the best channels and events for you.
  • Develop key messages.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to become more visible in your industry is by creating content targeted at your audience. In this module, we’ll drive home your expertise and position you as a leader in your field.

What you’ll learn:

  • Create your content.
  • Position yourself as a leader and expert.
  • Demonstrate your expertise online.

Consistently is where personal brands grow from good to industry leader, setting you up for success. In this module, we’ll complete your three-month plan so you can take action and start reaping the benefits of your higher profile.

What you’ll learn:

  • Complete your plan for the next three months.
  • Finalise your messages and content ideas.
  • Review your brand.
  • Wrap up.

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12 month access to the Influence Accelerator online portal

7 LIVE Group Coaching Calls

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LinkedIn live training

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Getting Started

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The work rut

You know what I’m talking about. Your current role feels stale and stagnant. Every opportunity knocks on someone else’s door. 

Promotions are going to people who are less qualified than you, they just so happen to be good at talking the talk. 

You know you haven’t reached what you’re capable of in your career. 

It’s time to build your profile with a powerful personal brand that does all the talking for you.

The Influence Accelerator gives you all the training, tools and support you need to break out of your work rut and step into your next success.

You’ve spent your entire career becoming the most qualified.

Claim your space as the leader you know you’re meant to be.




Building a personal brand transcends organisations, companies, industries, and the size of your business.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, run a small business with three employees, building your personal brand will help you reach the right people, with the right message, in the right places.


The only difference is, you get to keep the profits your personal brand brings in.

It’s never too late to start building a personal brand.

Did you know that if you’re over 50, you’re at risk of age-related discrimination?

While there are laws (Age Discrimination Act 2004) relating to discrimination on the basis of age, there are still discreet ways ageism plays out in the job search process.

So what can you do to combat age discrimination?

  • Be an expert in your field.
  • Have an up-to-date Linkedin profile
  • Share your expertise online.
  • Grow and nurture your networks.

Put simply, build your personal brand.

I totally appreciate putting yourself out there for the world the see can feel vulnerable. Unfortunately, personal branding isn’t a nice thing to have these days. It’s a must-have. Especially for go-getting driven career professionals who are looking to get to the next level.

When clients come to me and tell me they’re worried about being judged, here’s what I tell them:

Putting yourself out there isn’t really about you. It’s about adding value to your audience.

It’s about sharing your knowledge and learnings and insights.

And by adding value, you naturally demonstrate your expertise.

Your personal branding is your best career asset.

The best time to start building your personal brand was yesterday. The next best time is NOW.

The inconvenient truth is that people get promoted to senior executive roles not because they’re technically competent, but because they are considered leaders in their field.

To be considered a leader in your field, you need to build a powerful personal brand.

Personal branding isn’t just about who you know. It’s about knowing how to influence them. If you can’t say for certain you know how to get key stakeholders on your side, then even if you’ve got a strong network, you’re not optimising it.

That’s where building your personal brand can help.

Are you not getting the recognition you deserve at work?

Success starts with the right message. Contact me to discuss how we can get your message heard by the right people, either by working with me one-on- one or together with select peers in a group program.

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