Get on Board

Get on Board

Get on Board coaching is a high level one on one coaching program designed for professional women who are ready to take the next step up in their successful careers.

This program is designed for women

# who want to recognised in their industry for their knowledge and experience

# who want to be considered for Board positions

# who want to move from the public sector to corporate

# who are seeking high-level executive positions


Get Ready to Get Ahead

Get Ready, Get Ahead 

Get Ready, Get Ahead is designed for women who are ready to make their next career move

This program is designed for individuals

# who want to move up in their career

# who want to be noticed by recruiters

# who want to start a successful job search

# who want to take control of their careers

# who are relaunching their careers after time out of the workforce

Life Is a Stage

Communications Coaching

Communication coaching is conducted one on one or in a small group and is designed for senior executives who manage teams and/or diverse stakeholders.

Each coaching case is different so our first step will be to work to together to identify the key areas of focus and create a plan to build this important leadership skill.

Areas of focus can include, communications planning for issues and change, message development, stage presence, personal styling, business writing and media training.

This program is designed for leaders 

# who are reponsible for managing a change program in their department or organisation

# who need strong stakeholder engagement on an important project

# who want to improve their communciation skills and executive presence

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