5 reasons to hire a fashion stylist for work

It used to be that hiring a fashion stylist was only for celebrities or the super-rich who had amazing lives we can only dream about. But, over the past few years all that has changed. Although not everyone is open about it, more and more people are reaping the benefits of a personal stylist. We all have a brand, Like celebrities who are the face of their brand, so too are executives, entrepreneurs and even the local barrista who you buy your coffee from each morning. How we dress is a key part of our personal brand and it’s important to get it right. So before you start shopping the latest collections see our top 5 reasons why hiring a stylist will be your best investment this season.

5 reasons to hire a stylist this season

You won’t buy more of the same If you take a look in your wardrobe you’ll probably find that you have a few things that you just seem to buy over and over again albeit in slightly different versions. For me it’s black pants. I hate to think how many I have, but i certainly don’t need anymore. The beauty of a fashion stylist is that she’ll be on to you! Most stylists start out with a wardrobe edit and get a really good idea of what’s in your closet before considering what else is needed. So they won’t be letting you buy more of the same because they will already be well aware of your obsession for ‘pink knits’ for example.

You’ll try new things Not only will a stylist be able to update your overall look, but they will also help you identify and showcase the most flattering parts of your figure.

You’ll have loads of outfits to choose from One of the best things about hiring a stylist is that they will create loads of looks for you that are specifically tailored to your lifestyle. They are normally presented in a look book of sorts. So no more crazy mornings trying to work out what to wear!

You’ll save money Although there is obviously an initial outlay of money to hire a stylist, you should actually save money. Since you’ll only be buying items that will work back with the rest of your wardrobe you won’t be wasting money on items that you already have. Some stylist also have relationships with retailers who can give you discounts too!

You’ll feel great Having clothes that fit well and look good on you,  make you feel better about yourself and positively impact on your confidence. Other people will notice and tell you how wonderful you look!

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