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Get the visibility and recognition you need to drive your career

Are you great at what you do, but your achievements aren’t recognised? You’re not on recruiters’ radars or perhaps you’ve been overlooked for promotion. All this when you know you’re ready for the next challenge. You’re a key asset to your company, but you’re going unnoticed because you don’t know how to shine a light on what you’ve done and all that you can do.

If this is you, you don’t need development to acquire more skills; you need to be able to communicate the value of what you already do. When you achieve that, you’ll be seen and heard by the right people. Traditional career coaching can be helpful for more junior people, but at your level, a career needs positioning expertise, not another certificate.

My career and communications coaching program helps high-level executives articulate their expertise and achievements, positioning them as leaders in their field. My coaching modules are tailored to your individual needs and career goals. You’ll leave the program knowing exactly where and how to build your network, ready to attract your ideal role.

“Whether it’s your organisation or your own company. You represent someone. I would recommend Sarah’s program to anyone in a senior management position who wants to take accountability for their continued growth and support to develop their digital authority.” Arvind Vasudevan, National Director.

Your personalised career and communications coach

With 20 years’ experience in corporate affairs, I offer more than just buzz words and coach speak. I advised the leaders of Coles and NAB, casting a spotlight on their achievements and strengthening their visibility at the forefront of their sectors. After corporate life, I built a successful business from scratch, capitalising on my corporate affairs experience to build personal brands. Now, as a career and communications coach, I help my clients shine just as brightly by providing the same level of expert messaging and positioning.

Having a commanding presence and the confidence to communicate your unique value is integral to your success. You are your own business and like any successful business, it’s important to have an effective personal brand strategy. My program is built with proven techniques to highlight the most important brand in your career — you. Your accomplishments don’t have to remain unseen in the background. Instead, your accomplishments will take centre stage as you follow a clear and supportive framework to articulate your strengths and unlock opportunities for success.

Are you being passed over for the job and / or promotions you want?

If you’re looking for ways to take your career up a notch, let’s have a quick call to discuss your goals and whether I’m the right person to help you achieve that.

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