Malcolm Gladwell and the Gig economy – This weeks Top 3

  My top 3 most enjoyed and most admired for the week. Each week I share with my readers what I’ve enjoyed reading, listening to or learning about.

Malcolm Gladwell   – Outliers, the Story of Success

Outliers Malcolm GladwellThis book has been on my reading list for a while and I finally listened to it on audible this week and I loved it. I am a huge fan of Malcolm Gladwell and of his podcast Revisionist History. This book argues that although society and modern day culture has us believe that extremely successful people such as Bill Gates or The Beatles are unique outliers who achieved their success by being insanely talented or more intelligent than everyone else. Gladwell acknowledges that while these outliers are smart and hardworking and talented, it is their backgrounds, upbringing, culture and even good luck that has seen them excel where others haven’t. It’s a fascinating read.

Visual Synopsis

This week I stumbled across by Dani Saveker.  I rarely take notes when I’m reading, but by the end of most books, I’m usually wishing I did. This site offers visual summaries of well-known books and TED talks. It captures the key messages so you can remember and refer to them easily in a poster format.  In Dani’s words “the site takes inspiring content and makes it simple, beautiful and memorable”. Check it out here  

A sobering read on the Gig economy 

I often use the gig economy because of the great benefits it provides such as time, cost and talent. However as this article explains, while many are benefiting from work, there is another group of people who are being impacted negatively. This is an interesting read.     Are you ready to take your career to the next level? I invite you to book a discovery call with me here This is for you if you want to become more valued in your industry, get on a Board or attract your dream role. email me – sarah@sarahmakris.comDownload: Discover 5 simple strategies to boost your career and pay packet.

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