Stand out on Linkedin – 7 steps you can take today!

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Don’t wait until you want more clients or need a new job. It’s time to update your Linkedin page and stand out with these 7 easy steps you can take today. We’ve all been guilty of it, we get comfortable in a job or too busy in our new business venture and just don’t get around to looking at Linkedin, let alone taking the time to update our information.  Why it’s important
  • Potential clients can find you
  • Maintain and grow you your network
  • Recruiters can find you
  • Stay up to date with industry issues and important changes
  Here are 7 steps you can take today to improve your reputation and presence on Linkedin.  1. Customise your URL
A customised URL (ideally makes it much easier to find you online and is much more user-friendly than the combination of numbers that Linkedin in gives you when you sign up. Mine looks Here’s how to do it in three steps:
  1. From the edit profile screen, click on public profile URL
  2. Click edit next to the URL and choose what you’d like your address to be
  3. When finished click Set Custom URL
 2. Update your photoA professional photo of yourself is a must for Linkedin. It’s worth investing in a professional photographer to take some headshots and even some full body in-action shots such as presenting or conducting a workshop if that’s what you do. Ideally, they should be updated every couple of years at least. For more on creating professional business headshots you’ll love, see here. 3.No boring job titlesThe problem with just giving your job title is that unless you work for that company it means very little. Instead, give a general description that anyone in your industry will understand. For example, if you are the marketing manager for X Company. Your job title could read Strategic Marketer with specialties in social media and market research or something more creative such as Chief Marketer knee deep in social media.   4. Make your summary shineYour summary is a really important part of the page and should be used to briefly tell your career story. Include a personal brand statement and an overview of your career trajectory. This is the place to use keywords relating to your profession and skills so that other people can find you.  5. Update your skills list
It’s a good idea to regularly review the skills you’ve listed on your profile page.  You can add up to 50 skills but choose carefully and use keywords that relate to your job.  Your networks can endorse you for any of these skills so you will want those skills to be important and relevant to the job you are the one you are aiming for in the future. Stay from listing skills that most people have such powerpoint or word.  6. Keep connectingKeep connecting with people a priority. Whenever you meet someone, follow up afterward with a short note within 24 hours then add them to your network.  7. Add value to your networkShare other peoples posts, interesting article you’ve read and industry insights.  This will not only keep you front of mind but you will be seen as someone who ads value and is knowledgeable in your field.  If you have any other tips you’d like to share, leave them in the comments section below.Are you ready to take your career to the next level? I invite you to book a discovery call with me here Discover 5 simple strategies to boost your career and pay packet.
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