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Hi, I’m Sarah Makris and I help ambitious women develop their personal brand and communication skills so they can thrive in their business and careers.

The reason I started this blog,, is to share my knowledge and insights into what makes a powerful personal brand and an effective communicator.

For 12 years I worked for some of Australia largest companies in Corporate Communications. The executives and CEO’s that I worked for employed teams of people, behind the scenes, to manage their reputations and personal brands. They benefited greatly from highly experienced individuals coaching and advising them on effective communications with investors, how to manage high profile supplier and industry issues, preparing them for media interviews, managing their social media, writing their speeches and developing communication and leadership plans, so their teams were more engaged.  You can read more about my story here.

It is my mission to share my knowledge and experience with ambitious and driven women so that they can grow their businesses and progress further and faster in their careers.

I will post weekly about topics such a raising your profile in your industry, developing your online presence and becoming a better communicator.

I’ll also tell you all about my latest learnings on self-development, creating betters habits and productivity as well as what I’m currently implementing in my life and what’s working and what’s not.

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Sarah Makris

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