How to get your dream job anywhere in the world

Want an international career while wearing your UGG boots? Well now you can… 

The world of work has changed post covid19 and while there are many challenges there are also loads of opportunities for those who are ready.

Have you ever thought about working for your dream company only to realise that their location is in another country?

As more and more companies announce that working from home will be the new normal suddenly where you are located becomes irrelevant. 

The good news is there will be more roles in international companies that you can apply for without moving countries. 

The bad news is that there will also be more competition in the job market not just internationally but locally too.

So how do you stand out and attract the attention of recruiters and decision-makers?

In a post covid19 world personal branding for executives is even more important if you are to stay competitive and attract your dream job.

Developing your executive brand increases your professional value and leads to new career opportunities, broader networks and wider recognition.

So, it makes sense to have a strategy that supports your career goals and positions you for the right opportunities.

Given less relationship will be made in the office, how you are perceived online will be even more critical to job success.

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