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How successful women stay motivated… when money doesn’t do it anymore

By Sarah Makris

At a certain point in a woman’s career, after a level of success is achieved, motivations can change.

A quick poll I recently conducted amongst my own community, feeling valued and recognised significantly outweighed earning the big bucks.

After hundreds of discussions with professional and successful women, this was no surprise.

When you have progressed in your career to a high level and are well paid, money can become far less of a driver than it once was.

What becomes more common is a desire to make an impact and to stay relevant so as not to be overlooked for opportunities, especially as one gets older.

So what can you do to stay relevant and avoid being overlooked?

1. Develop your personal brand
2. Share your knowledge widely and strategically
3. Look for opportunities to mentor others

The benefits of developing your personal brand are many. These include establishing yourself as an authority and expert in your field and in turn, adding to professional value

It also leads to new professional opportunities, broader networks and more recognition in your industry.

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