Group coaching

The surprising power of group coaching

Last year I invested in a group coaching program on mindset.

To be honest, I normally like to work with a coach privately. But It was more than I could afford so I decided to join her group coaching program.

To my surprise, the group experience was actually amazing and better in so many ways! Why? Because I didn’t just get the knowledge and support of my amazing coach, I also got the connection, support and inspiration of a group of other amazing people. They had huge goals that made mine look like a cakewalk and they were making huge changes in their lives and mindset and getting massive results.

Being around this group of successful people who were taking action towards their dreams gave me the courage to reassess my goals and aim much higher than I ever had before.

In the 6 months, I was in the Mastermind, I achieved a quantum leap in my life. I tripled my business and grew my networks and completely changed my thinking about what was possible and most importantly what I was capable of.

There are many benefits to working in a group coaching program which is why I created the Career Accelerator Group Coaching for senior executives who are serious about their careers.

Here are some of the things my clients say about being in the Career Accelerator group program

“The group sessions are both inspiring and motivating. I feel I’m not alone and I am encouraged when listening to shared experiences and challenges.’ Marika

“The group really holds you accountable and I’ve made some fantastic connections” David

” I feel really supported by not only Sarah but also the others in my group” Angela

Questions: What do you like best about group coaching?