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How to Create a Memorable Personal Brand Statement –

Personal Branding and You

Your personal brand is the way people remember you. It’s your reputation online and offline, how you present yourself to colleagues, employers, customers and potential clients. Rather than leaving it to others to decide who you are, you can and should take the lead by having a memorable brand statement that can be used when meeting new people.

Personal Branding Statement

A personal brand statement is similar to a tagline. It sums you up in a sentence and is a lot like an elevator pitch. It helps differentiate you and will make you stand out from the next person who does what you do. Your personal brand statement helps someone you’ve just met get a taste of who you are and what you do. You can use it in conversation, on your resume or bio, on the back of your business cards and across your social media channels.

What it’s not

A personal brand statement which is sometimes called your professional brand statement is not your job title and it’s not your mission statement or your career objectives or your life’s purpose.

The key elements of a great personal brand statement

It should be about you, who you serve and the value you bring as well. This will differ for everyone, the profession you are in and the market you serve. It needs to be succinct, clearly understood and easy to say. Therefore it’s a good idea to stay away from jargon and technical words. Also be clear on who it is you help. The more specific, the easier it will be for people to understand.

Examples of Personal Brand statements

Mine is… I help ambitious women develop their personal brand and communication skills so they can thrive in their business and careers. A cafe owner might have a personal brand statement that reads something like this I help busy commuters get ready for their day ahead with the best brewed coffee and great food. A marketer looking for a role in the retail industry might use something like this… I’m a digital marketing specialist using words and images to help large well-known brands engage with their customers through creative online content.

The Formula

Now it’s time for you to have a go.  Who you are: Who you serve: How you help the people you serve: The value you bring or the results you get: = Your brand statement Play around with the order of the sentence to see what reads best and is easy to say.  Don’t cram in too much information. Less is more in this situation.

Relax, it can be changed

Your personal brand statement can be tweaked and will change over time as new opportunities present themselves so don’t wait for perfection before you start creating and it and using it. You can learn more about personal branding here.   Are you ready to take your career to the next level? I invite you to book a discovery call with me here Download: Discover 5 simple strategies to boost your career and pay packet.    

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