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Best Books to Read to Smash your Goals

With only a month to go until we welcome in 2020. I’m starting to think about my goals for next year.  I’ve done this every year, around this time, since I finished high school and it’s a process I have learned to enjoy. Having clear goals in career, health, family, as well as financial helps me to stay focused and avoid the many shiny and inevitable distractions! 😎⠀⠀
After reading well over 50 non-fiction books this year as part of a challenge I set for myself, (you can see read about my tips for reading more here ) these are my top three books recommendations for getting you motivated to take massive action in 2020. ⠀

My Top 3 Motivational Books to get you ready for 2020

Atomic Habits – By James Clear This is one of my all-time favourite books because it is highly practical. In it, James teaches you how to make small changes that will massively improve your habits. See my review here

1% Rule – By Tommy Baker
Another fabulous book is by Tommy Baker and is all about the importance of falling in love with the process in order to achieve success.

The 10X rule – By Grant Cardone
While Grant Cardone’s style isn’t for everyone this book is packed with strategies that will motivate you to create huge goals and back it with massive action.
What book would you add to this list?

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