3 Mistakes Professional Women Make on Linkedin

Right now, more than ever, professional women need to raise their profile.

In fact, what Google says about you, or worse yet, what it doesn’t say about you, can make or break your chance of progressing in your career.

Your Linkedin profile is often the first to pop up when you type your name into Google. It’s a platform you can’t afford to get wrong.

Are you making these 3 critical mistakes?

🚫 – No Strategy

Posting or sharing content without a purpose is a waste of time. So, it makes sense to have a strategy that supports your career goals and positions you for the right opportunities.

🚫 – Not being visible or creating content

If you are not using Linkedin to demonstrate your professional value and share your experience then you may be overlooked for opportunities. You will also miss chances to connect with others.

🚫 – Waiting until you need a job to start using Linkedin

Keep your Linkedin profile up-to-date and regularly engage with your network. Don’t wait to build your profile.

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