Hi and welcome. I’m Sarah and I help female executives,  entrepreneurs and small business owners to create influential and memorable personal brands.

Learn how to build a powerful brand that differentiates you in a global market.

My name is Sarah Makris and I am an ex-corporate career girl and now personal brand strategist. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of digital marketing, social media and public relations with ambitious women everywhere so that they can develop an authentic personal brand,  grow their businesses and progress in their careers.
I write this blog for ambitious women who understand the importance of marketing their business and themselves.

I share my knowledge and experience working for some of Australia’s largest brands and advising high profile executives and CEO’s.  My knowledge and experience building brands and managing reputations provides me with a unique insight into what creates powerful leaders of industry.

Each week I’ll  share my thoughts on how to build a memorable brand through public relations, social media, personal brand and marketing.

How can I help you?
Make your brand Stand out
Here we start with a social media audit of who you are online. We then help you to establish, develop or rework your social media presence/
Young female celebrity posing in limousine for paparazzi on red
Build your Celebrity
Here we help you to build your celebrity with in your industry. A strategy and action plan is developed.  A complete personal brand can also be
Executive styling
Lets talk about style.  Part of personal brand is what we wear.  A full personal styling session can be done to rework your wardrobe
Latest on the blog
“Everyone has personal brand. It’s what people say about you when you aren’t around!”

Sarah Makris, Personal Brand Strategist

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