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As someone who has held leadership positions in publicly listed companies such as Coles and NAB, I understand the challenges my clients face. Perhaps no-one notices how hard you work or how much you contribute. Maybe you feel under-appreciated, despite being a lynchpin in your team that delivers essential results time and again. And I understand how frustrating it is to be overlooked for roles and not understand why other people are getting promoted ahead of you.

For 20 years, I helped my employers, some of the largest corporations in Australia, to amplify their reputations as leaders in their industries. I developed campaigns that showed their CEOs to be among the sharpest in the game. Now, I use the same corporate communication techniques in my proven coaching framework. Coaching high-level executives through the framework, I help them to reach their full career potential. With my coaching and tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to make waves in the right professional circles, articulating who you are and the professional value you bring.

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  • “From my first meeting, Sarah gave me confidence in the process. The outcomes I have achieved from her 8 week program set me up well to accelerate my career."

    Kathie van Vugt, Project Lead, BioMelbourne Network
  • “I landed my very dream job the next month, in fact I was offered 2 very similar roles so I had to make a choice which has never happened before”

    Lee Brentzell, Non-Executive Director

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